Dream Catcher Productions

Film Production

Dream Catcher has produced more than 20 documentaries, shorts and TV series for Finnish and international TV.

Our productions have won several prestigious international awards:

Documentary, 28 minutes

A documentary about his experiences as a candidate for European parliament.(Shown in 26 countries as a part of Eureka Utopia series)

Several reports about Iran for current affair programs of Finnish TV. (1999)

Documentary, 58 minutes

A documentary about Alfred who has been forced to live at Charles de Gaulle airport for 11 years.

– Atlantic Film Festival, Halifax, Canada (2000)
– Nordisk Panorama, Bergen, Norway (2000)

Honorary Mention
– Denver International Film Festival, USA (2000)
– Uppsala International Short Film festival, Sweden, (2000)

* Nordic Video Award
– Shanghai International Television Festival (2000)
– Hawaii International Film Festival, (2000)
– Margaret Mead Film & Video Festival, New York, USA (2000)
– AJIJIC, Festival International del Cine, Mexico (2000)
– Vancouver Iranian Film and Video Festival (2000)

* Best Documentary
– Fipatel, Biarritz (2001)
– Tampere international short film festival, Finland (2001)

*Special Prize
– The Norwegian Documentary Film festival, Norway (2001)
– INPUT, Cape Town, South Africa (2001)
– EthnoFilmfest, Berlin (2001)
– Exile Film Festival, Gotenberg, Sweden (2001)
– DommentArt, Neuebrandenberg, Germany (2001)
– Vilimit, Kuopio, Finland (2001)
– Mini Input, Barcelona (2001)

Documentary, 17 minutes

A video about the voluntary return project of the International
Organization for Migration.

Documentary, 28 minutes

A documentary about an Afghan refugee family resettling in Finland.

– Shanghai International Television Festival (2002)
Vilimit, Kuopio, Finland (2002)
– Kettupäivät, Helsinki (2002)
Fipatel, Biarritz (2003)

* Special Mention
– Docpoint, Helsinki, Finland (2003)
– VERA, Mariehamn, Finland (2003)
– Tampere International Film Festival, Tampere (2003)
– Chicago International Film Festival, Chicago, USA (2003)
– New York Short Film Festival, New York, USA (2003)

*Special Mention
– Krakow Film Festival, Poland (2003)
– MedFilm Festival, Roma, Italy (2003)
– 13ª Mostra Curta Cinema – 9th Rio de Janeiro International Short Film Festival (2003)
– Fajr Film Festival, Tehran, Iran (2004)

Spot, 37 seconds

A spot for the Finnish League for Human Rights.
Shown in 20 cinemas and several TV channels.

Documentary, 90 minutes (YLE, Arté, TV4 Sweden, DR (Danish Broadcasting Corporation))

Shown in several countries.
Dr. Bozorg Mahmoody tells his side of the story about the Events described in the world-famous book and Hollywood movie “Not Without My Daughter”.
Co produced and co directed with Kari Tervo

– IDFA, Joris Ivens Series, Amsterdam (2002)
– Docpoint Documentary Film Festival, Helsinki, Finland (2003)
– Gothenburg International Film Festival, Sweden (2003)
– Fajr Film Festival, Tehran, Iran (2003)
– VERA, Mariehamn, Finland (2003)
– Tampere International Film Festival, Tampere, Finland (2003)

*Grand Prize
– East Lansing Film Festival, Michigan, USA (2003)
– Jeon Ju International Film Festival, Seoul, Korea (2003)
– Seoul Human Rights Film Festival, Seoul, Korea (2003)
– Honolulu Film Festival, Hawaii (2003)

*Prize for editing
– Diaspora Film Festival, Toronto, Canada (2003)
– Copenhagen International Film Festival, Denmark (2003)
– Espoo Ciné International Film Festival, Espoo, Finland (2003)
– Ismailia International Festival, Egypt (2003)
– Panorama, Thessaloniki, Greece (2003)
– Finnish week in St Petersburg, Russia (2003)
– Ankara International Film Festival, Turkey (2003)

Experimental, 3 minutes

A short experimental film about birth and life.

Documentary, 28 minutes

The second part of the trilogy starting with Rubina…,
About a refugee family moving from Iran to Finland.

Documentary, 68 minutes

A number of Afghan families are nervously waiting in the yard of the UNHCR offices in Tehran. They all want to come to Finland. Khaled, a 12 year old Afghan boy and his family are among those pre-selected to an interview with a Finnish delegation. Khaled’s father, Farid, works in a metal-shop with six other Afghans. Who will be the lucky ones?

– Palestinian Diaspora and Refugee Centre, Palestine (2003)
– Cinemà Du Reel, Paris, France (2004)
– Pärnu International Film Festival, Pärnu, Estonia (2004)
– De Olhos bem Abertos – Eyes Wide Open, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil (2004)
– Festival du Cinema du Bruxelles (2004)

*Prize for editing
– Golden Gate Fiction & Documentary Festival (2004)

*Prize for integral realization
– International Film Festival on Human Rights, Argentina (2004)
– Tiburon International Film Festival, California, U.S. (2005)
– Europe’s Point of Divergence/Convergence, Poland (2005)

Documentary, 15 minutes

A follow-up short story on Alfred, the main character in
Waiting for Godot at de Gaulle.

Documentary, 28 minutes

The third part of the trilogy on Rubina’s family.

Fiction 28 minutes

A fiction short film about female circumcision among the Somali community in Finland.

Tampere Film Festival, Finland (2005)
New York Short Film festival, USA (2005)

*Award for screenplay
Exile Film Festival, Denmark (2005)
Sedicicorto, Film Festival Forli, Italy (2005)

Series, Lönnrot part, 30 minutes

Produced by Tarinatalo for Yle, directed by Alexis Kouros

Documentary, 30 minutes

A documentary about the composer Tuomas Kantelinen’s process of creating the music for the film Without My Daughter.

Documentary, 60 minutes

The documentary takes a look at a cross section of women in Nigeria – from the ordinary to the most successful, including an exclusive interview with Amina Lawal.

Documentary, 56 minutes

A continuation for the documentary Chosen. The Afghan quota refugees have now lived in Finland for three years. How are there lives now? Have they been able to grow new roots in their new homeland?

Series, 5 x 30 minutes

A five-part series of the pearls of Finnish cinematic tradition. The narrator is expert of Scandinavian cinema, Peter Cowie. Production, directing and editing.