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Public Relations is not just about spreading information or sending press releases. It starts from grasping and formulating an identity for your company, product or yourself.

It’s about finding the “best seller” in your story. Even the greatest products do not sell theirselves. Let us help you to let people know.

Lots of time and energy goes into writing and distributing press releases but most of them just get deleted in the media’s mailbox.

As publishers and owners of media we know what attracts journalists and has a high chance of being published.

Let us do your press releases for you and get you the best possible exposure.

We will be the first to publish it ourselves!

There is more to Social Media marketing than promoting a post. We can help you with establishing the right voice and sending the right messages to the right audiences.

Our network of more than 100 staff and freelance journalists can produce high quality articles, reports and reportages tailor made for your needs.

You can use the articles freely in your own sites and communications.

From technical writing to journalistic articles on startups, business, travel, and personal profiles, leave it to us to write and relax and approve for publishing.

We have a network of highly talented professional photographers around the world. What ever your topic, we can deliver a high end, but affordable portfolio of images in a fast pace.

We have helped several movie and TV producers find a perfect spot for their shoot states, find extras and temporary staff.

If you want to shoot in the Finland, Baltic states or other Nordic countries, ask for an offer from us. We will be happy to help.

Pitchperfect is a subsidiary of Dream Catcher specialised in helping companies and startups produce state of the art presentations, videos, and other graphic design products affordably.

Workflow has been extremely simplified and the service is easy to use.

We also help startups and companies with market research, company id and social media presence.